Ask Your Expert!

Ask Your Expert!
Posted on 09/17/2018

Ask Your Expert!

Family Questions From Your Mustangs’ Lessons This Week

Preschool: In preschool this week, we are talking about all the wonderful things that make us special, as we study our All About Me Domain in CKLA. We will also be talking about fire safety this week in preparation for our field trip to the local fire station on the 24th. Our first community trip to the library was a wonderful success and we had a great time with Ms. Jenny. Question for your expert, "What makes you special?"
Kindergarten: Ask your expert: In the nursery rhyme “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” we learned about the word wonder. What is something you wonder about? (Answers will vary.) If you could wish upon the first star you see tonight, what would you wish for? (Answers will vary.) How does the nursery rhyme “One, two, buckle my shoe” help make counting to ten fun? (It uses rhyming words.) What frightened Little Miss Muffet away? (A spider.) In “Jack and Jill”, it says that Jack broke his crown. What does that mean? (That he hurt his head.) Kindness challenge: Each week we are going to work on a kindness theme in the classroom. Talk to your little about this week’s kindness card. This week’s kindness challenge is to plant a seed where nothing is growing. How is that kind?

First Grade: We have just started our Human Body Domain! We will learn about multiple systems of the body and how to keep our bodies well! Ask your expert: "What is the name of a doctor who helps children get or stay healthy? (A pediatrician.)

Second Grade: Second grade has started our domain on Early Asian Civilizations. We are learning about the Indus River Valley, which is in present-day Pakistan. Which continent is the largest and has the two most populous countries on Earth? (Asia.) What are the two most populous countries on Earth? (China and India.) Why were mountains important for civilization in the Indus River Valley? (When the melted snow caused the Indus River to flood, the flood left behind fertile soil which the helped the people grow crops.) What is a civilization? (Large cities, written language, jobs, often a religion.)

Third Grade: Third graders will begin the Classification of Animals Domain this week. Ask your expert about the 5 vertebrate groups (mammals, fish, birds, amphibians, and reptiles) and some of their similarities and differences.

Fourth Grade: We have been studying literary devices to make our narrative writing more interesting. The ones that we have studied are simile, personification, hyperbole, idioms, and metaphors. Ask your expert: Which literary device is used in the following quote: "...children of our family were let out each morning like dandelions to the wind." (Simile.) Which two things are being compared? (Children and dandelions.) Which literary device is used in the following quote: "Isn't that a zillion miles from here?" (Hyperbole.) Why is this an example of hyperbole? (It includes a great exaggeration.)

 We are continuing to write our stories in our Personal Narratives Domain. We have been learning literary devices, as well, such as simile, metaphor, repetition, imagery, and idioms. Ask your expert which event in their lives they are thinking about describing in their five-paragraph essay. Help them remember details of whichever event they are considering before final topics are chosen.

Students K-5 have completed their posters for this year's annual Fire Safety Poster Contest sponsored by the Manitou Springs Fire Department. In art class, students were educated about general fire safety and given time during art class to create a poster about their knowledge. We delivered the entries to MSFD on Friday, September 14. The Fire Department will choose a winner from each grade level and notify MSES by Wednesday, September 19th. I am proud of all students for participating in this year's contest. We have made this year's contest participation optional for all 3-5th grade students. Since MSFD only chooses 1 child from each grade level, we hope to be increasing their odds of winning by lessening the pool of entries. In addition, Art students K-5, like third-grader Scarlett Huffman, will be continuing to create their inspirational "Peace Pinwheels" for the annual International Day of Peace celebration on September 21. Their pinwheels will be shared with friends, family and/or community members as well as displayed outside our school. Their pinwheels will create a "Whirled of Peace" as they blow their thoughtful inspirations into the wind. In celebration of International Day of Peace we have also planted an International Day of Peas patch in the school garden!

fire safety posterGarden

TEAMS: In TEAMS this week, Kindergarteners met Sharky, the puppet, who teaches them about how to be a good digital citizen when using technology. We talked about all the different types of technology we have at MSES and their components. The students decorated their journals they will use throughout the year and labeled their pictures. Ask your expert what Sharky taught about being a good digital citizen when using technology. First grade- We used the green screen this week to tell about their favorite CKLA fable and the lesson they learned. The green screen allowed us to project the background that each student drew in class. They did a great job memorizing their lines and telling being on film. Second Grade performed a talk show pertaining to their fairy tales unit for CKLA. They learned about a talk show and then we used components of the story to create our questions. Ask your expert how a green screen works. Third & Fourth grade were reintroduced to our Spheros (small robotic balls that can be programmed a number of ways). We practiced how to create programs using the Sphero Education app and then programmed it to perform certain tasks such as spelling words, changing colors, moving around an object at a certain distance, etc. Next we will go into block coding our Sphero. Ask your expert why it is so important to align the Sphero before performing each task? Why did we start with simple Sphero tasks this week? Fifth Grade- We made our own mazes to navigate their Sphero through. Ask your expert why speed, duration, and heading make such a difference when getting your Sphero through the maze?

Music: In Music this week, 4thand 5thgraders are wrapping up their Introduction to Dance Unit, with a focus on American influences. Ask your expert: What rhythmic feature do hip-hop and tap have in common? (Both utilize accents on the weak beat or off beat, or syncopation.) Ask your young dancer to share some of his/her moves! In addition, 5th grade music volunteers Morgan Lachowicz-Vogt, Kristin Stout, and Megan Lynch all helped young curious kids explore and play with metallophones, xylophones, ukuleles, and our great big bass xylophone at the Pikes Peak Center last Saturday. The event was part of the Imagination Celebration's What If Festival, a full day of interactive and creatively challenging experiences for all ages.


Hola, hola Coca-Cola! In the month of September we will be doing the following classes: Kindergarten: Hi, it’s me! Greetings and introductions, My classroom Primary Colors , Numbers 1-10, *The five senses; First Grade: Greetings and Introductions (name, age, how I’m doing), Days of the week, Seasons and Weather, Numbers, Colors, My classroom; Second Grade: Greetings and Introductions (name, age, how I’m doing), Days of the week, Seasons and Weather, Numbers 0-10, My classroom, Colors, Age, Expressions of courtesy (Thank You, You’re welcome etc.), Feelings (How are you?); Third Grade: Greetings and introductions, Numbers 1-10, My classroom, Colors, Age, Seasons/Weather, Left and right/directions, Days of the week/months, Expressions of courtesy (You’re welcome etc.), Feelings (How are you?): Fourth Grade: Greetings and introductions, Numbers, My classroom/My School, Colors, Age Seasons/Weather, Left and right/directions, Days of the week/months, Expressions of courtesy (You’re welcome etc.), Feelings (How are you?), Shapes; Fifth Grade:Greetings and introductions, Numbers 1-10, My classroom/My School, Colors, Age, Seasons/Weather, Left and right/directions, Days of the week/months, Expressions of courtesy (You’re welcome etc.), Feelings (How are you?), Shapes.

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