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Ask Your Expert!
Posted on 09/18/2017

Ask Your Expert!

Family Questions From Your Mustangs’ Lessons This Week

Kindergarten: Kindergarten is finishing up our Nursery Rhymes and Fables Unit.
A good question for parents to ask their littles this week is, "Why do you think Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall? Why couldn't the Kings horses and Kings men put Humpty together again?"

First Grade: Ask your child to tell you the Beginning, Middle, and End of The Story of Peter Rabbit.

Second Grade: Ask your child to write a three digit number in expanded form. (Example 392 would be written 300+90+2.)

Third Grade: Third grade will start Unit 2, Classification of Animals, on Monday. Question - How are vertebrates different from invertebrates? (Vertebrates have a backbone.) Name as many vertebrates as you can!

Fourth Grade: We are working on telling vs. showing sentences in CKLA. So our task would be to take a  "telling" sentence like this -- My teacher was in pain. -- and turn it into a "showing" sentence. (Sentence describes expressions or motions or emotions that reveal the teacher’s condition.)

Fifth Grade: What is the importance of the world lakes on each continent? (Natural border and resources -- fish, oil, water for people, and crops.)

TEAMs: In Exploratories, the students have been working on projects for the International Day of Peace this Thursday, September 21st. Questions to ask: What does peace mean to you? How can you make peace in the world or even your everyday life? (Stay tuned to see our International Day of Peace video as well as our peace pinwheels!)

TEAMS, Grades 4 & 5: What does it mean to be an Engineer? Do engineers always succeed on their first attempt to create something? How many attempts did it take you to successfully build your brush-bot or scribble-bot?

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