Counseling Corner

Counseling Corner
Posted on 09/16/2019
Safe 2 Tell LogoLast week and this week, First- through Fifth-graders completed the pretest for our social emotional learning curriculum, Second Step.

First- through Third-grade students focused on Skills for Learning. Skills for Learning include focusing attention, listening effectively, using positive self-talk, and being assertive. These skills help students self-regulate and improve participation in learning. Students with higher self-regulation are more likely to:
♦ Have better math, literacy, and vocabulary skills
♦ Have higher academic achievement
♦ Graduate from high school
♦ Choose prosocial responses

Students with poor self-regulation are at greater risk for:
♦ Low academic achievement
♦ Emotional and behavioral problems
♦ Peer rejection
♦ Dropping out of school
♦ Expulsion from school
Ask your 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade experts, what are Skills for Learning?

Fourth- and Fifth-grade students learned about empathy, respect, and communication skills. Empathy is feeling or understanding what someone else is feeling. Empathy and communication skills have been shown to increase school success and decrease youth involvement in problem behaviors, such as substance abuse and aggression. Ask your 4th and 5th grade experts, what is Empathy? – Leatha Hay, MSES Counselor

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