M4TH 1N F0¢U$!

M4TH 1N F0¢U$!
Posted on 12/02/2019
Math-- Steve Smith, Math Interventionist

We want to help families share math thinking—and math fun—together, so each week we offer a note about our Math in Focus (MIF) curriculum. Then you can have common ground between your kids’ ‘New Math’ and the ’old New Math’ you once learned…. Our Math in Focus curriculum, which we’ve been using for more than five years, is based on what’s called a “Singapore Math” model, which has been emulated worldwide after Singapore students’ notable success on international math measures. It focuses on the concrete=>pictorial=>abstract learning sequence and uses the Bar Model for problem-solving.

We have looked at fractions a little bit in past weeks. This week I thought I would share a video about simplifying fractions. It is a concept that is hard for a lot of students to understand and use correctly. Hopefully this video will help you and your student understand the concept better! https://youtu.be/AtBUQH8Tkqc Have a great week!

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