From the MSES Incubator

From the MSES Incubator: Our Pavloskayas Are Here!
Posted on 05/13/2019
baby chickWe have arrived! This week five beautiful Pavloskaya chicks joined our school via the MSES incubator. We are unique in that we are the oldest breed in Russia. We were nearly extinct at one time until our breed was reintroduced in the 1990s. We are known to be extremely cold hardy and have unique feathering on our feet. We don’t have any wattles or combs, which prevents us from getting frostbite. Our head-tuft replaces having a comb so we have spiky head feathers. We will be in the TEAMS room until the school year is over and then living at Mrs. B’s house this summer. She will be giving weekly updates on the MSES Facebook page. We are….

baby chick

I am Nadia. I hatched on Monday, May 6th and I was the first of five chicks. You can tell me apart from the others by my white fluffy stripe on my chest. I am very energetic and often flap my wings!

chick 2

I am Zoya. I hatched second, on Tuesday, May 7th. I have a curled toe that Mrs. B taped for me so I can walk correctly when I grow up.

chick 3

I am Tatiana. I hatched third, on Tuesday May 7th after Zoya. I have unique colors because my parents were black and gold.

chick 4

I am Nelly. I hatched fourth. I also have unique colors since my parents were black and gold. I am the smallest chicken but I’m still tough (for a baby chick). I am very spunky. Good things come in small packages.

Chick 5

I am Sasha. I hatched last, on May 8th. I had to wait to join my friends so my feathers could dry in the incubator. They all welcomed me with open wings and chirps. I have a black spot on my head so you can tell me apart from Zoya.
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