Posted on 05/13/2019
MathMath should be fun, so please play Math games as a family! Each week I will post a new math game that you can play with your child. (For $2 you can buy dice and playing cards at your local dollar store and be ready to play these games—or ask any interventionist for cards and dice free!) – Math Interventionist Steve Smith
This week’s game: Advanced Subtraction Battle
Number of Players: 2*
Materials: 1 deck of cards
How to Play
•   Remove face cards and tens. Ace is worth 1. 

•   Divide the deck into two piles. Keep the cards face 

•   At the same time, players turn over 3 cards from 
their pile. Players use two cards to create a 2-digit number and subtract the third. The player with the greater difference wins the battle round and keeps all of the cards. 

•   If the differences are equal, the players should rearrange their cards to create a new 2-digit number and subtract the third to get a new difference. The player with the greater difference wins. 

•   The winner of the game is the one who gets all the cards in the deck... 
Challenge version: Turn over 4 cards during each round to create two 2-digit numbers..

*If you want to add more players, use two decks of cards.

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