5th Grade


In 5th grade, students not only focus on our specific curriculum, we also help them get ready for middle school with a lot of opportunities to practice their organization and independence.

In math (Math in Focus), students learn new skills such as fractions, decimals, percentages, and measurement; while still practicing skills from previous grades like multiplication and division.

In our CKLA curriculum (Core Knowledge Language Arts), students learn to read informative text through the topics of Ancient Civilizations, the Renaissance, Reformation, and Native Americans. Students read rich literature such as Don Quixote and Midsummer Night’s Dream, as well as several other fictional novels.

Through social studies, students learn about geography throughout the world, especially the United States; the history of rulers and explorers in Europe, as well as the time before and during the Civil War.

In science, students also learn about Earth’s systems, space systems, properties of matter, ecosystems, and the engineering process. Students also conduct their own science project to present during our annual Science Fair.

Writing skills are practiced throughout all subjects. 5th grade is a busy place!

Fifth Grade Camp Video

5th Grade Teachers:
Amy DeLarm: As a teacher who has taught most grades in the past, I see 5th grade as a great home to teach students how to apply skills they have learned in previous years. I spent many years in the business world, but started teaching in 2004, and have been at Manitou Springs Elementary since 2008. I build an environment in the classroom where students are comfortable discussing and making mistakes in order to strengthen their learning. Teaching with scaffolding from groups to partners to independence has worked well. I blend writing within all subjects so practice is continual. We have a good balance with testing and projects to show our learning. Relationships are key to the learning process here.

Rachel Kazmier: Hello Mustangs! My name is Rachel Kazmier and I am thrilled to be a Mustang. I’ve been teaching since 1999. I have taught both fourth and fifth grades throughout my past 20+ years! I have a spouse, Mark and son Jack (2023 future MSHS grad). We also have 2 fluffy kiddos, a 95 pound sheepdog and an awnry cat. I implement the wonderful Responsive Classroom curriculum in my class. We will form a trusting and nurturing environment that benefits everyone who steps foot in our room. I love to teach with enthusiasm and inspire “my kiddos'' to take risks in their learning. Fifth grade is a key year where preparing students for success in middle school is key! Building on the skills learned from prior years, we go deeper into many curricular subjects while learning new things too! We work on building independent skills needed for the future! Differentiated education is key in our classroom so that every student gets what they need to ensure success!

Teacher Wood
Teacher Brandon Wood has been teaching elementary school for eight years. He has taught kindergarten and 3rd grade in Montana as well as 3rd and 1st grades in Colorado. Teacher Wood enjoys a plethora of hobbies and activities such as rock climbing, leather working, hiking, and collecting music. Brandon have a wife who is a UCCS professor, a son who attends MSES, and a dog named Ghost. Finally, Teacher Wood loves reading. Whether it's teaching reading or enjoying a book at home, he spends a lot of time with his nose in a book!