Board End Statement #2

Board End Statement #2:

“Students have acquired the skills and knowledge required to be productive citizens and contribute to their communities.”

Leadership is about service. Students can make a difference in their communities–and globally–as well as in their school. Mustang Service Corps is a way to organize and mobilize Mustang students’ power in service to others.

Among our projects MSC and student projects in the 2014-2015 school year:

  • MSC will continue Video Announcements continuing to connect worthy student and teacher news events (MSES)
  • Fifth-graders raised funds by selling BPA-free water bottles to install a water-bottle refill station at MSES. They studied local water chemistry and the wellness attributes of hydration and taught students at other grade levels. (MSES)
  • Food Drives in October and February (Manitou Springs Community)
  • Coordinate Campaign for Kindness activities at MSES with High School Campaign for Kindness students, including door greeters, kindness affirmations at school, buddies for homebound ill students, etc. (Manitou Springs Community)
  • Adopt Manitou Springs Public Library grounds to keep them beautiful (Manitou Springs Community)
  • Toy Drive and delivery for patients Memorial Children’s Hospital (Regional)
  • Holiday songs for residents XYZ Retirement Home. (Regional)
  • Heifer Project ( Students are raising funds to purchase stock farm animals to support families in other countries. (Global)

End Statement #2
End Statement #2End Statement #2
End Statment #2