Board End Statement #2

Board End Statement #2:

Students have acquired the skills and knowledge required to be productive citizens and contribute to their communities.”

Mustang Service Corps (MSC)

Leadership is about service. Students can make a difference in their communities–and globally–as well as in their school. Mustang Service Corps is a way to organize and mobilize Mustang power in service to others!

We will carry out meaningful, annual community, global, and school service projects.

  • Each year, MSC “service leaders” will choose a community service project (parks clean-up, trail maintenance, nursing home visits) that can also connect to.…
  • A Global service project (parents’ pledges for hours served to raise money for Heifer Project, etc.).
  • They will help organize and administer the whole student body’s efforts to carry out service projects.
  • They may also conduct occasional Spirit Days or other school events for worthy causes within the school (Spirit Day money for facility dog, etc.) and they will continue to publicize and coordinate food-shelf drives to service school community members.
  • Ideas for service projects might taken from actual student essays or can be researched on-line or come from the community itself.


  • MSC will comprise two representatives (“Service Leaders”) from each classroom in grades 3-5. Eighteen Service Leaders total.
  • There will be no officers. Staff advisors will guide main meetings.
  • Most work to be done as a cooperative group or in subcommittees.
  • Service Leaders will be chosen by the quality of their responses to an essay assignment.
    • Teachers in grades 3, 4,and 5 will administer a common writing prompt to students about service.
    • This year, it will be  “How can a kid help make our town or world a better place?”
    • Teachers are free to score the essay for whatever academic traits are useful to them as a pretest or a part of their writing curriculum.
    • They will also identify the top essays for “ideas” related to the prompt.
  • Teachers will ask the top two essayists if they are interested in serving on MSC. If a student is not interested, the teacher will offer a spot on MSC to the next-best essayist.

Hattie Summary
Hattie Summary