Visual Arts

Our elementary arts education program develops each child’s ability to create, express, think critically, problem solve and respect and appreciate themselves and others as valued creative contributors. Through the use of various art materials and artistic methods, students will build skills gradually, which help in developing their confidence as artists and critical thinkers. The Elements of Art (line, shape, color, texture space value and form) along with the Colorado Visual Arts Standards are used to create a Kindergarten through Fifth grade art curriculum that promotes essential skill development, cultural/historical awareness and integrated academic connections.

Carrie Dunlap, Visual Arts Teacher
Carrie has been teaching art at MSES since 2013. She is a graduate of Fine and Applied Arts from the University of Illinois. Previously, she taught art in Tempe, AZ and Denver, CO as well as operated her own local business in Manitou Springs, Notes in Bloom. She is a mother of two, Jackson and Sierra and a resident of Manitou Springs. Her goal is that every child feels successful, happy, encouraged and challenged to explore their own unique sense of their creative self. By helping children take risks and make mistakes in a safe learning environment, Carrie believes that children learn to stretch their potential both inside and outside of the classroom.